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New project out soon for beta testing

We are proud to announce that our next game project called Aerolitos is scheduled to go out for beta testing in the next Monday, November 18. This game is based on an episode of the Mexican comedy TV show "El Chapulín Colorado", created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños and licensed by Televisa. If you would like to check out this episode, there is this Brazilian version available on YouTube.

Aerolitos Title Menu

The goal of this game is to try to survive a shower of aerolites, or meteorites, the longer you can. To help you with that, the game provides you with three types of power ups and five health points, which means you can be hit by aerolites up to five times. Combine these perks effectively and stay alive the longer you possibly can. Check out the video below for a quick and simple gameplay.

Naturally, the beta version may have unbalanced difficulty, contain bugs and strange graphics. For example, we still haven't added a death animation to the character because we are using a temporary sprite for now, which was grabbed from the internet and does not contain death frames. We hope to solve this soon. Beyond that, for the next versions we plan to integrate social features like leaderboard and achievements, sharing capabilities, monetize the game with ads and/or a shop, add new scenarios/characters and other things.

The beta version will be initially available for the Android and WebGL ( platforms, but depending on the demand of the public, we can accelerate a release for iOS or PC platforms.

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