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Aerolitos beta release

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

We present to you the beta version of Aerolitos​ by Kansus Games.

This game is based on an episode of the Mexican comedy TV show "El Chapulín Colorado", created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños and licensed by Televisa. In this episode, a researcher who studies about aerolites, or meteorites, which are fragments of celestial bodies that fall from the sky. After losing his notebook with the findings of his research, he invokes El Chapulín Colorado to help him find it.

During the episode a violent shower of aerolites happens and causes a lot of destruction, and from this comes the inspiration for this game. After the shower of aerolites, the researcher says he is impressed with that amount of aerolites and says he must record this event in his notebook as he picks it from his pocket... Yes, it was inside his pocket all the time! If you would like to check out this episode, there is this Brazilian version available on YouTube.

Given all the context and motivation, the goal of this game is to try to survive a shower of aerolites the longer you can. To help you with that, the game provides you with three types of power ups and five health points, which means you can be hit by aerolites up to five times. Create your strategy to combine these perks effectively and show to everyone that you are the best!

The available power ups are:

- Dash: As the name suggests, this power up moves you forward very fast;

- Coloratrix: Slow down time to move away from the trajectory of an aerolite;

- Deflect Shield: Spawn a shield over your head to protect you from the falling aerolites, but be careful with your sides.​

This Game is under development, there are a few things missing, like a death animation or an in-game tutorial. In this phase we are mostly interested on your feedback, what are the things that you like the most and what we need to improve to make the game more fun. So please contact us if you have any questions or would like to provide us valuable feedback. Have fun!

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