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Kana Sensei: Your Japanese writing practice tool

Not only games are our business here in Kansus Games. Our new released project, Kana Sensei, is a regular mobile app which helps you in learning and practicing writing Japanese characters of the Hiragana and Katakana alphabets. Initially it is available only for the Android platform, but we have plans to develop an iOS version in the future, obviously depending on the success of the Android version.

Training result screen

Its main features are:

* Correctness evaluation of your writing, taking stroke directions into consideration;

* Rating assignment to your writing, if it is considered correct;

* Animation of the correct way of writing a certain character;

* Creation of training lists to carry out personalized training;

* History of all your training results;

If you like tech details, the drawing correctness evaluation is made by using an Artificial Intelligence technique known as Neural Network, which basically learns the class of a given input, in this case the pixels of the character, and with this knowledge it is able to classify any other input. The user drawing rating (from 0 to 10) is given by a vector comparison algorithm known as Cosine Similarity which receives two data to compare: A reference (correct) character pixels, and the user drawing pixels. The evaluation system also takes into account the strokes' directions, given that they are important in the Japanese Writing System. It is accomplished by having a list of acceptable strokes' directions for each character, which is then used to compare to the user drawing strokes' directions.

It is important to notice that this app is in beta phase, thus it is subject to problems and inconsistencies. We count on your understanding and contribution to improve this project more and more. To download it, please visit the app's landing page.

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